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Cost of shipping from china to nigeria

The cost of shipping from China to Nigeria varies with the different shipping companies that are present in Nigeria.

Importation business or just simply buying any product from china to Nigeria can be quit challenging considering the fluctuation between Dollar and Naira. As though that is not bad enough, the challenge of getting a fast and reliable shipping company that will not keep your product on the road for too long or simply scam you of your goods.

The good news is that there are quite a good shipping companies that offer good rates. They also offer a maximum of 10 days shipping. This is so if you do not want the express service.

So what is the cost of shipping from China to Nigeria?

I wrote an article on how to ship from China to Nigeria and there i explained vividly how you get a very cheap option shipping. So if you have not read that acticle, please kindly go back and read it.

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The cost of shipping from china to Nigeria varies and an example is what am going to present to you.


I have used the services of Value Handlers intentional (VHI) and they are good. I love their services and they are very reliable. I am not the type of business person that jump from shippers to shippers because you can not tell who will scam you. so i will present an Up dated Shipping rates for VHI.

VHI new rate for shipping from China to Nigeria are stated below,

1  –  2 Kg ____________________ $15 (Minimum Invoice)


3 –   300kg  _____________________$7.5/kg

301- 3000 kg _________________    $6.5/kg


NOTE: Above rate may not apply to shipments that require clean report of assessment / or PAAR- Battery related goods, cosmetics, machines, wooden goods. Contact us if your shipment fall within aforementioned.

To use VHI services kindly contact that customer care line on their Official website and for direction, Kindly read my article on How to ship from china to Nigeria

To ship a container from China to Nigeria, we have to consider some factors in order to have an estimate Cost. These are;

Size of the container (20ft, 40ft, etc)
Type of merchandise,
FCL (full container load),
LCL (less container load) i.e. you plan to share cost and space, etc

Hypothetically, if you want to ship a 20ft FCL of automobile parts, or any other merchandise, the estimate cost is about $2,200 – 2,400 (excluding other fees e.g taxes, duties, etc.)

This is just an estimate to guide you as the final cost will be based on the shipping company and or if you used an agent who would include their fees.

You can easily calculate this if you go to the website listed below.

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