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Where to get Loans without Collateral in Nigeria

You must have wondered if it were ever possible to get loans in Nigeria without collateral. you must have been seraching the internet on where to get loans without collateral in Nigeria and you stumbled on this page.

You are not the first person or neither be the last person who will ask such question on where to get loans without collateral in Nigeria. People continually seek loans for various reasons; which could be for business, financial challenges or to purchase an asset which in turn can generate back the money to repay your loan.

The biggest challenge for most Nigerians is getting companies that will not require collateral or require little from you before getting a loan.

Someone once asked me for such advice so i decided to share some of the ones i did my research on. find the list below

Where to get loans without collateral in Nigeria.

Since you do not have the security pledge for the payment of loans. i decided to show you some of the companies where to get loans without collateral in Nigeria;

  1. Diamond bank

Its very interesting to see such a bank offer you loan without collateral. The only requirement is for you to open an account with the bank. The offer loans to small business and enterprises. Visit any Diamond Bank branch nation wide to find out more infomation

  1. Zenith Bank

Nigeria have some of it big banks and everyone will agree with me that zenith is one of those banks in Nigeria. It amazing to see such bank give out loans with collateral in Nigeria. Visit any zenith bank Nationwide for more details

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  1. Apex microfinance bank

One of the sole aim of Apex Micro finance  bank was to get Nigerians who aspire to get into business loans that can enable grow their businesses.

  1. United bank for Africa

Talking about big banks in Nigeria, UBA is one of the leading banks and we are happy to announce to you that they provide loans to Nigerians.

  1. Union homes savings and loans.

This is one of the oldest Mortgage and loans companies present in Nigeria. Union homes is a subsidiary of Union Bank of Nigeria. They have been providing this service for a very long time. This is a period to look into them to know how you can start.

  1. First bank of Nigeria limited(FBN)

From Automibile, Salary loan, to Home loan. First bank is the right place to get your loans. Visit any of its branches nation wide to get started

  1. Nigeria export-import bank (nexim)

You do business in Export-import related, the Nexim is where o goto for your export loans. Visit their official site at NEXIM.COM.NG

  1. African development bank

The African Development Bank gives business loans to small and medium  scale enterprise. The ADB recently approved $580,000 for the development of Small and Medium scale Enterprise in Nigeria.

  1. The bank of industry

The Bank Of Industry is not a new name in the world of financial institutions in Nigeria. They re the oldest development institution.

The BOI was created to provide financial assistance to the establishment of large, medium and small  scale enterprises as well as the expansion, diversification plus modernization of existing enterprise.

  1. Lapo Microfinance Bank

Lapo is  one of the most flexible loan givers we have in the country. Their interest rates are  small. They are very way to start for those who have small and medium scale enterprises.

  1. Aso savings and loans plc

Aso Savings and Loans plc is a primary mortgage institutions established  to be the countries mortgage bank of choice in terms of client service, housing provision, and real estate partnership.

In conclusion, The list is endless and therefore we can go on. there you go. but before you go for either of the financial institution make sure you read the terms & condition properly so as to properly understand what you are getting into.


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