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DADDY FREEZE: Biography and Net worth

As we all know that Radio have uplifted a lot of people into limelight and some have bcome a celebrity. From On Air personalities(OAP) to D-jays and so on. Some of the most successfu OAPs in the country is Ifedayo Olarinde popularly knon as Daddy freeze. We will discus Daddyfreeze Biography and Networth.

DaddyFreeze Biography

Daddyfreeze is the convener of the Free Nation which is a movement to “Free the Sheeple” from the mental religious slavery. Daddy freeze whose native names as stated above as Ifedayo Olarinde is a Nigeria Radio present in Cool Fm 96.9. He is the son of a medical doctor and professor. his father is a mdedical doctor while his mother is a professor. daddyfreeze is biracial, meaning his father is a Nigeria Yoruba man from Osun state while his Mother is a Romanian. DaddyFreeze grew up with his parent in Ibadan and studied sociology from University of Ibadan (UI). The OAP later got a job in the popular radio station Cool Fm 96.9 and he is still there till date.


During the Course of his Career, he has been privileged to have one on one interview with the Big Guys in Entertainment industry both local and international act like Boys2  Men, Akon, Charlie Boy, 2 face, D’banj, Sisquo, Brick and Lace and many more.

His radio skills has also made me be one of the sort after MCs in the industry. He has been MC for very top ocassion like some presidential programs, beauty pergents, and in some international programs.



NAME Ifedayo Olarinde
STAGE NAME Daddy Freeze
OCCUPATION    Broadcaster
PLACE OF BIRTH Osun State, Nigeria.
NET WORTH $220,000 USD


In 2014 Mr Freeze won the Favourite Nigerian OAP Award at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.


Daddy Freeze Net Worth is estimated at $220,000 USD.





Freeze has also been a popular face on TV as a lot of people got to know him when he hosted 3 season of Coca-Cola Mega Million. he hosted a lot of shows live telecasts which includes Multilinks Telecoms, Mlotto Mobile Lotterys, Break the Bank and many more.

Personal Life

Daddy freeze is a father with 2 Kids with his ex-wife Opeyemi Olarinde. Separation with this lady was as a result of abuse from her claimed Daddyfreeze.

Freeze is currently Engaged to Dictachi Foods CEO, Benedicta Elechi after separating with his wife Opeyemi Olarinde. DaddyFreeze now has a child with Benedicta Elechi also know as @tastebudng on instagram.

daddyfreeze and benedicta

Daddyfreeze and benedicta elechi

On a recent interview on Linda Ikeji TV, Benedicta, Daddy freeze claimed she separated from her ex-husband because he was gay.

Daddy Freeze on Tithes Controversy

Daddy Freeze is of the opinion that tithe is not a christian practice that its a practice of the judaism Law. he also stated that if any one argues, then point out where in the new testament Jesus Christ collected tithe and the first disciples collected tithe too.


He has continously attacked Pentecostal pastor on their extravagant lives and call majority of them “yahoo yahoo pastors”, meaning that these pastors are fraudsters. Claiming they are living off the members tithe money and offerings and also called the church members “Sheeples”.

As at December 2017, he formed a challenge called “Tithe Against Poverty” with he acronym as TAP challenge where Nigerians takes a 10% of income to help a needy around him/her as a way to alleviate poverty from Nigeria. He claims if everyone participate that we would be surprised how far poverty will be removed. The TAP challenge have not been so successful but some Free the Sheeple Moement members have responded andd have been taking up he challenge and surprisenly, Daddy freeze challenge Davido and not up to 30mins Davido accepted the challenge.

In conclusion

Daddy freeze has been very successful in the fight against tithe that has made some preachers support him while some others have attacked him with words while a particular preacher, the GO of “House on the Rock” called David Adefarasin has been threatening daddy freeze curses and daddyfreeze has also claimed that this same pastor have withdrawn his church advert from Cool Fm 96.9 and also asked Daddyfreeze boss to sack him from the Radio station.


Many people have called daddy freeze an Anti-Christ and Man born to cause confusion in the church of the Lord. Could it be that daddyfreeze is the Anti-christ or he is the one to right the wrongs in Christianity. The opinion is yours.








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  1. Fumilayo Akinrinade

    Daddy freeze is the Christ today pastors are the anti-Christ, who have lead the people away from Christ to warship them and made money and wealth the yardstick to measure faith. All the churches are gulity of the moral decadence and laziness of our youth in our society, while they rob with microphones the ones that are not eloquent rob with pen or guns. The root of corruption bad attitude of our youth lies with the church and their doctrine this past 40yrs. Since the days of my God is not a poor God neither man none God have had any decent sleep may God expose them

  2. Fumilayo Akinrinade

    Daddy freeze God bless u and your family and keep u safe.
    Before anything can become an attitude, behavioral pattern accepted by a large majority of people in any society, first the people have to be indoctrinated. Lies, stealing, deciet are all the doctrine of the past 40yrs reason corruption( stealing) became our way of life. Now it’s seam normal because people have been made to believe so by today’s religious homes they sell greed and the people buy it

  3. Fumilayo Akinrinade

    Daddy freeze kindly send your write up on tithes, Thanks

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