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10 Business to start with little or no Capital

Starting a business in Nigeria and other African countries could be a cumbersome task when you look at it from a broke point of view.the following 10 business to start with little or no capital will give you an insight of what you can really do now to make money for yourself id you do not have a starting capital for business

Imagine after graduation, coming out with good grades and you are left looking for a job which is not coming forth. There the need to start a business to get little money or BIG money for up keep will become a paramount necessity.


The good news about this is that, there are several businesses you can start with little or not capital. I will streamline this to just 10(ten) of them.

10 Business to start with little or no capital

i will outline them into different Niches, so that you can know where best fit you. each of the niches i will point out are very lucrative if only you are dedicated and willing to really make this money.

Beauty and Skin Care Niche

  1. Hair Styling: This is sometimes referred to as Hair dressing. As you can see this is a niche that has been existing for over 10,000 BC and it will never stop existing. for as long as humans still exist, the need to style hair will always be a priority for all. i know males reading this post might think hair styling is only for ladies..Barbing is also hair styling, we can this days guys do all sort of hair styles now. i have seen guys do manicure and its likes. The skin care could be selling and making of creams. there are people that love buying home made cream because most often times, home made cream to be mixed properly to blend in any skin color. i currently use a home made creamy sold for about N8,000 and this cream have been performing wonders. The good stuff about the beauty and skin care niche is that starting up capital is very small. for those who already possess the skill in hair styling and you do not have money to start up by geting a shop, i will explain to you in another post on how to still offer services even you don not have an office space or shop.
  2.  Selling Products Online: Another very lucretive business to start with little or no capital is selling of products online. This idea is very much explained in this post. This simply talks about selling beauty products online. You can purchase thhe products from china and sell in Nigeria  and make huge profit. the sweet thing about this is that you can start with as low as N50,000. My post of buying and selling products online will go a long way to help you with the details. read it here.

Skill Niche

making use of your skills to make money is one of the cheapest and easiest way to start business. I have already stated 2 skills above in the beauty and skin scare niche which is hair styling for both male and female. here i will mention 2 other skills that can be very lucrative.

  1. Phone repairs/Laptop repair: phone repairs  is a very lucrative skill and you should not look down on it. i have a friend who just bought a camry his source of livelihood is phone repairs. this guys is making money because he is currently building has house. when you get to computer village in lagos, you will see people using this skill as a source of livelihood and some make about 500k monthly doing this. so don’t sit at home while people are making money. you can acquire the skill by working as an apprentice with someone. This market is a never end one as people will continue to buy this gadgets and there will always continue to be problems to be solved. this  problems could be hardware or software.
  2. Web design: we are in the internet age an there a whole lot of companies or small businesses searching for web designers that can take their profile online. There are over 2 billions websites around the and more are been created daily. so if you have a skill in this field, your market is there. you only have to make yourself known to people through advert that you do such work.
  3. social Media managers: above i stated that we are in the internet..yes this is true but also we are mainly in the social media times…the companies who are hoping to get online also need social media managers. You can learn what social media managing is on google search. you can take this as a business. i currently pay a guy 10k monthly for managing our E-commerce company social media handles. and i am not the only one he is doing this service. just imagine he has 7 clients and lets say the all pay him the same 10k, which i doubt because some might be companies. this guy will be making about 70k monthly just by operating twitter, facebook and instagram and linkedin profiles for people. give this a thought. all you need is a phone and internet, which i know you have. do not waste your time on facebook insulting people in comments when you can be online and make money.

Writing Niche

they say information is power and people never stop seeking for information on a daily basis. he internet is a the biggest library in the world where you can get any information you can ever seek. you can learn all sorts of stuffs from the internet. do you you can be a part of those putting up information on the internet with little or not research? this niche will show you possible opportunities available to you.

  1. Blogging: This is a very common word and i do not think there is no one who have not heard of word blogging is. Blogging is just simply owning a site and you write information about subject matters you know about or you are interested. this site you are now is a blog and the post you are reading is a blog post. This is how people source for info on a daily basis on the net. Blogger make millions of naira through Affiliate marketing, adsense and paid post. its good you do a proper research on this topic on google. If you need a one -one tutor on this, just contact-us here.
  2. Content writing: This is the ability to write very insightful and powerful contents for blogs and companies. making people seek after content content writers for their websites or blogs. if you ar very skilled in writing and understand SEO, then you are best fit for this business. just make yourself known to people.
  3. Sales of information materials: I like part very well because you can make 6 figures easily in a short time doing this. information material is just simply writing on a topic and you run advert on it and the advert direct your customers to a pre-sell page and there they opt-in for the sales of your material. this is usually an e-book. so you could write on relationship issues, write how to make money, teach a particular subject you know very well. you create an e-book and sell. do a google search on what this means.

Arts and Design niche

Design is a very crucial part of the internet and those who are skilled in this will make a serious money out if this niche. This services and skill is a continual demand on the internet. from companies to small business to just ordinary people out there. the great stuff about this niche is that it can be applied offline.

  1. Graphic design: this particular skill is a very much sort after. the skill is needed by companies, even a web designer needs your skill to create banners and so on. you can as well run this business offline. help design billboards, banners and cards, even to branding of cars, cloths and logo designs..etc. it all boils down to marketing yourself to people.
  2. Animators: this is very much needed on websites and adverts. animation creators can make close to 100k per job. so you should look into this part. The only set back here is that its expensive to acquire the skill..but if you have a friend who is good at could be cheaper for you or even free..depending on the closeness.


There are countless businesses one can start with little or no capital. this 10 business to start with little or no capital is streamlined to what is affecting us at this current moemnt. one would agree with me that this 10 businesses outlined are the very hot ones that are very much sort after. there if you have not been thinking in this direction, its high tme you started. if you do not possess he skills above, please go and acquire them, do not say i do not have time because very much later when you are ready you will regret and say if i knew i would have started since o..the “had i known” statement.

i will also share very soon a business that i have been making sx figures from. its Cryptocurrency. watch out for the post. by the time you are reading this, i might have made the post. just use the search button on this site to search for cryptocurrency.

Feel free to add other business in the comment area to give the readers more options and if you  have questions just drop it here.

Updated: December 5, 2017 — 11:04 pm

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  1. Hello, thanks for this info its really helpful and pls I would need a one on one tutor on blogging

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