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Top Delivery Companies in Nigeria

Top Delivery companies in Nigeria with Cash on delivery

As the e-commerce world in Nigeria is growing daily, he need to deliver packages to customers quick and reliable is the ultimate goal of any Seller.

This article is dedictated to giving a hint of the top delivery companies in Nigeria that makes live easy for sellers especially Retailers. You will be surprised that some of the companies are used by top online delivery companies in Nigeria like KONGA and JUMIA.

The top delivery companies we are mentioning have some very key feature that most sellers are after and be rest assured that we have tested and verified their services.

The below is of no particular order of the top delivery companies.

  • KOS Delivery: The acronym stands for Keep-On-Shipping (KOS) and many people never knew abut this. I know am the first in Nigeria that have disclosed this online. when you are looking for a very big delivery company that covers Nigeria and has speed of delivery, then KOS is the real deal. The company was formed out of KONGA EXPRESS DELIVERY which was only delivery KONGA packages only, now the changed the name to KOS to accommodate other shipping services like Third Party shipping. Today KOS ships for JUMIA,KONGA,Dealdey, and other retailers like you. Note that they offer CASH-ON-DELIVERY and POS Payment. You have to know the KOS center near you to drop off your package. After collection of your Money, you are paid after 7days. They also provide a tracking system where you can track your order. The thing i love about KOS is the timely and effective response of their Customer care. to register with KOS kindly Email the at Visit their website here

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  • ACE: This acronym stands for Africa-Courier-Express. Ace is lovely when you are looking for a fast delivery company in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Be sure you can get within 24hr delivery within the city. They also offer CASH-ON-DELIVERY and POS Payment. Once delivered your money would be given to you the next working day. Note that they offer Pick-up from your business location service so you dont have to bother thinking of going to their location to make delivery. You can register with ACE by visiting their site by clicking here

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  • EDS: This stands for Exact-Destination-Services. The have good services but not compared to KOS. They are also very wide spread. one thing i like about EDS is that they pay faster than KOS. like KOS they also have very good Order tracking system and they are across Nigeria. they go as far as Ghana, thats good news for those that wish to ship to Ghana. i do not know how good their customer service is because i have not really encountered a problem. To be a partner with EDS, you can send them email on or visit their site at

For those looking for very reliable delivery companies that offer both Prepaid and pay on delivery type of service, then you have it now. This are verified and guaranteed company that wont scam you or delay your delivery.

for other company for trial you can look up ZOOM Logistics, Trannex, GIG logistics and many more.


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Updated: July 26, 2017 — 10:53 pm

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