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Buying products from China to Nigeria-Alibaba

How to Buy products from china

E-commerce business is a trending business in Nigeria. This is an industry that is very advisable to get into now as more and more people are trusting in online sales. Buying products from china to Nigeria is what would be explained

For those who are so keen on starting E-commerce business, where to source fro cheap and affordable products to buy is very important. This is important because as a business person, you need to buy your goods cheap and sell them at moderate prices and still make profits.

This is where buying from China to Nigeria comes into play.

Step 1: Sourcing sites

Sourcing of products are very essentials. This is about knowing where to search for a product to buy. There are many sourcing websites in the world but we will give a few and concentrate on one of them. Before we list the sourcing site to you, lets look at some of the benefits of buying products from china and using the sourcing sites.

Benefits of buying products from china to Nigeria

Its no more news that China is the number home for manufacturing companies. This has made china a base for buyers to purchase goods for sale. Virtually everything you have today is/was manufactured from china.

  • China has the cheapest goods, because all the manufacturing companies are located there.
  • you have the opportunity to buy good in wholesale prices and sell retail price in Nigeria.
  • The number of Quantity and Cost of items can be negotiated.
  • You have the opportunity to have a private Label on the product(s)
  • you have the opprtunity to also determine you shipping method. Read this Article for details on shipping methods

Now that you have seen the benefits, i can bet its a good reason for you to know that China is the way. Lets look at the sourcing sites.

Sourcing Website to purchase products

There are several sourcing sites in the world but china sourcing sites are the bomb. We should list thm already.


the above listed site are good, but for the purpose of time, we would focus on the most popular of them all. We would choose alibaba.

Buying products from China to Nigeria-Alibaba

Step1; Logon to and create an account with them. Then use their search to search for the product you have in mind.

Step 2:  When choosing the supplier/Manufacturer to view, there are criteria to consider;

  • Gold Membership: Usually when the search result shows, you will see the a “Coin Icon in Gold color” as shown below. This icon is important cus it tells the buyer that the seller/supplier/manufacturer is verified by Alibaba. This verification is as a result of confirming that the seller/supplier/manufacturer has a real warehouse, factory, and office with the necessary certificates for the products.
  • Number of years: This is shown beside the Gold membership icon and it tells you how long the seller has been on Alibaba
  • Trade assurance:  Trade assurance is a payment method for protecting the buyer. This is good for cases of dispute between buyer and seller. So always look out for sellers that offer trade assurance. This is good because you can always get your money back guaranteed.buying products from china to nigeria

Check out the highlighted Portion of the picture.

When you finally see a supplier that meets this requirements for the product you search for, go ahead and hit the “Contact Supplier” Button and you can send a message requesting for their MOQ and What price they are selling. Yes! you can bargain price and quantity of the item you wish to purchase.

Hello, I am NAME and a procurement staff of COMPANY NAME. I am interested in your PRODUCT NAME and want for details. i am interested in 30 pcs and at $3/pc. I await your response.

Lets continue

After you have sent the message,kindly wait patiently for a reply..which could be same day or several days. But it is advisable to contact other suppliers for the same products. This will help compare prices and you can choose from the best.

After all the bargain and you and your seller have come to a compromise, allow the seller draft a trade assurance invoice and you make payment to Alibaba.

Step 3: Make sure when discussing shipping, you tell the seller to send your products to your Shipping company address in china. This discussion should come up before paying through trade assurance so that the cost of delivery to your shipping partner in china will be added to your payment for the product.

Step 4: After step 2 and 3 is completed, confirm from your shipping partner if your supplier has delivered product on the appointed date and time and you can as well follow up this with you supplier to make sure they deliver.

Step 5: after step 4 has been successful, wait till your shipping partner ships you product to Nigeria. and you carry on pick up from there.

In conclusion

 Shipping from china to Nigeria is very seamless and easy but looks very tedious the first time. Just follow every instruction of you shipping partner and all will be Okay.

Note that there are other mode of payment if for any reason Trade assurance transaction have any issue. Paypal is another good payment method that offer buyers protection. Kindly do a Google search on how to open a paypal account.

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  1. Please which is the best way to pay a supplier on Alibaba in China.

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